Approved By-law Changes

Posted: June 8th

At Thunder Bay Literacy Group's June 7, 2017 Annual General Meeting, the following by-law changes were approved by the membership:

By-law #1

“By-law #1:Membership” previously read:

“Membership in the Thunder Bay Literacy Group is open to any interested adult individual who actively participates in literacy work.”

Approved amendment:

ADD:“By-law #1.1 Membership”, reading:

“Members must indicate their intent to be a member and renew their membership annually.”

By-law #5

“By-law #5:Committees” previously read:

“There will be the following standing committees on the Thunder Bay Literacy Group:

Fundraising Committee”

Approved amendment:

ADD: a second bulleted committee, reading:

“Membership Committee”

With these approved by-law changes, there is now a simple application process one must complete in order to become a member of the Thunder Bay Literacy Group. We expect that for convenience, the usual time for joining or renewing a membership will be the Annual General Meeting, but of course, one can in practice join or renew at any time in the year.

Please click here to download an application form: TBLG membership application form

Once the application is complete, please email it to, drop it off at the front desk of our office, or mail it to TBLG, P.O. Box 10508, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6T9.

For more information or help with the application process please call 475-7211.