Scrabble® Fundraising Tournament 2017

Posted: January 1st

Since the event started over 18 years ago has raised over $150,000. This money is raised through sponsorships, donations and the tournament itself.

But it's not all about the money. This event also raises awareness about the adult literacy issues in our community.

Where does the money raised go?

The work we do is so important. We provide programs to help adults achieve their goals. These goals can be anything from being able to read a book to their child to being able to manage their personal finances.

Money raised through events like this and through donations help ensure that we are able to provide these life-changing services free of charge to people in the community.

How Can I Help?

We welcome any support the community is willing to give.

Become a Player

By pledging or raising $40 dollars or more, you can join us at the event that will take place on Saturday, February 25th, in the KIA Court in Intercity Shopping Centre. You can register by calling us at 475-7211, or filling out the following survey by clicking here.

Register Today

Pledge forms and instructions can be mailed or emailed to you, or downloaded by clicking here and here. If you want them mailed or emailed to you call us at 475-7211 or email

If you wish to donate online for yourself or another player, donate via PayPal here.


Even if you don’t want to play Scrabble, you can still contribute. You can collect pledges to bring to us at the event. You can donate online via PayPal if you click here.

Donate Now


As always, we'd like to thank all of our sponsors for the support. Without their generosity, we would be unable to run events like this so we encourage everyone to support them as they have supported us.

Financial sponsorship is always welcome but we also love when local businesses step up and offer goods & volunteers. This year for example prize baskets were provided by Intercity Shopping Centre & The Prospector Steakhouse and coffee was donated by Tim Hortons.


We have prizes for players and donors alike composed of donations from various sponsors, which will be revealed at the event.

Remember that every contribution counts. Even a donation of one dollar is an investment for our community. We hope that we can count on your support.